Social Security Disability Attorney


Representation from Disability Application to Appeal Hearing

Areas of Practice

social security disability Application

Thinking of applying for Social Security disability benefits? Contact us first. We will do a thorough evaluation at no charge in order to determine whether we can help you. You may qualify for one or more programs, and the complexities of the process can be overwhelming. Let us simplify the process and ensure that your disability application is filed completely and correctly.  We also develop an individual strategy to enhance your chances of being approved early, depending on the facts of your case. 

claim denial Appeals

Call us. It may be devastating to learn that your disability application has been denied. You may feel at a loss as to what to do. Since every case is unique, we will review carefully and thoroughly any grounds for claim denial. If we can help you at this stage, we will craft a specific plan to file your disability insurance appeal with a focus on medical and other evidence that may help you to be approved. We keep in close contact with your Social Security case analyst to see what additional evidence may help win your case.

administrative Hearings

We believe in maximizing your chances of winning at the social security administrative law hearing thorough and expert preparation. Kevan will meet with you individually to review your case and all sources of supportive evidence. We obtain updated medical evidence and produce it to the hearing office. Kevan personally prepares a hearing brief for the judge that reviews the evidence and the legal theories for approval. At the hearing, Kevan advocates for you with the professionalism and respect that she has earned through her exceptional representation of each and every client. We will follow up with you after the hearing and answer any questions promptly and courteously. Once you win, we will not close your case until the entire process is concluded and you are paid your benefits.

Kevan Spence receives "Best Social Security Claim Lawyer" award from the readers of the Sierra Lodestar.

Kevan Spence receives "Best Social Security Claim Lawyer" award from the readers of the Sierra Lodestar.